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Al Brodsky


​​​Al Brodsky Photography

 Photography is a passion because I have a tremendous desire to be creative. 

Along with primarily photographing weddings and other social events, I spent many  years also working as a school photographer, capturing senior portraits, and covering for yearbooks the many events that happen throughout the year at high schools, including;  sports, theater performances, appearances of celebrities, pro athletes, politicians, and other recognizable people as they appeared at the schools.

I also have a passion for sports and have seen my photography published on over 150 magazine covers, mainly those that cover the sport of thoroughbred horse racing, allowing me to stand near the finish line of the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup events, and a few times I was fortunate to find myself with camera and credentials along the sidelines of other, major, professional sporting events.

Below are just a few samples of my published work and some of my favorite images I've taken of politicians, celebrities and notable athletes...