An order form for acquiring Trotter Lane Park, Racing Programs with 56 carded races , or a 200 race, blank score book will be packaged inside the box with purchase of the original Harness Racing Track Game.

On the  left a closer look at the 10 post position cards, backside and numbered fronts. On the right you can see a closer look at some of the horse and driver pieces, and below right, the cover of the Rules, Entries and results, scoring booklet.

Harness Racing "Track Game"

A simulation board game that amazingly reflects the action of real harness horse racing!

Trotter Lane Park 
(Harness Racing Track Game Extension)

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Copy the order form below and mail in an order if you desire to experience the amazing Harness Racing Track Game, both Harness Raceway and Trotter Lane Park, and the many programs available for purchase as well. You do not need to purchase the programs to enjoy HRTG but they certainly add a delight to your racing experience.

8" X 10" program, (now printed, as shown above, in full color)  with front cover image, sample race chart page, and back cover image.  
32 pages:  
56 Carded Races and 4 full-page, racing images in each program .
$ $7.50 shipping for any quantity of programs.
Illinois residents 8.25% tax ($1.24 per program)

Race the greatest pacers and trotters in the history of the sport against each other!

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Image above shows game board at finish of record setting 13th win-chance as horse #4  crosses finish line.​ Scoring the game is fun and easy and a historical record of your play.

​​​Al Brodsky Photography

Once you receive the game, For no extra charge, on your request only,  you can receive by e-mail attachment,  a stable of over 1000 horses and 3 separate files;  a printable PDF list of horses at all racing levels, a historical list of major stakes winners, and an Excel spreadsheet designed to be all ready for you to start entering the results of your races, becoming a racing form of your horses past performances.

The historical list  includes all
Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, U.S. Pacing Championship, Messenger Stakes, Kentucky Futurity, Little Brown Jug, Woodrow Wilson Stakes,  and Cane Pace winners  allowing you to run elimination tournaments to determine the best ever.     Be your own racing secretary!
Note:    It is not essential to acquire these free files to play and enjoy Harness Racing Track Game.

Racing Programs:

Above:   Trotter Lane Park... board includes 2 game math charts, 3 game rule reminder panels, both facing opposite player directions, and more decorative, harness racing images.
HRTG  extension includes;  box, board and score book with 56 carded races on scoring charts.

Above:  More samples of front and back cover images.

Harness Racing
​"Track Game"

​This Board Game is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase at $64.95.

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Illinois residents must add 8.25% state tax. ($5.35)

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In 1971 I designed and created the board game, "Harness Racing, Track Game". The game was designed to give

​me and fellow harness racing friends a way to enjoy the excitement of harness racing when actually going to the track wasn't always on option and there were no OTBs or televised races back then. The idea of marketing and selling the game was not an incentive to invent the game, only the desire to simulate "the action" and excitement.


Literally hundreds of races have been run and recorded since 1971 and changes were made along the way to perfect the game play and increase the potential for more excitement, but in 1992 life had a more pressing agenda and "Track Game" was put in the back of the closet and not taken out again for 23 years, until January of 2016, when I had an idea to use the amazing modern technology to archive the game by photographing it digitally.

One thing led to another, and I decided to write out the complete game rules. I then took the board, actually two different tracks, two different boards, and enhanced their appearance in Photoshop, including adding some of my favorite images that I have personally photographed of harness racing. Then I took the game further by creating 10 new player pieces, ten post position draw cards, a professionally printed booklet which included the rules and instructions (in just 5 pages, so easy to learn and play!),  and carded races on scoring pages.

Now you can own the game on an 18" x 36" folded board that comes in a decorated 10.7" x 10.7" box.

I have further added a stable of over 1000 horses, placed them into an Excel (2013) spreadsheet designed to look like a list of each horse's past performances, showing the horse's; name, sex, ability level, name of track, date of race, class of race, post position, driver, leader and length of lead from 2 positions in the stretch, finish result, and the winning or losing margin in lengths, listed in board spaces, and also recorded is each chance any horse had to potentially or actually complete a winning move in that race and what minimum throw of the die or dice was needed to the secure the victory.

As my own game's racing secretary, I filter the Excel spreadsheet to bring up potential horses at any specific class of racing desired, from maidens or claimers to major Invitational Stake horses, shuffle the ten post-position draw, poker style cards to determine the 10 post positions, then list them on the booklet scoring page and finally, before the actual game racing, I become the official, track handicapper too, and I determine and record the pre-race odds. Any time after the race is concluded the hand recorded information can be added to the Excel spreadsheet to keep the past performances accumulating just like the real racing programs to an extent . So Cool!

Once a race is ready to be run it takes only about 20-30 minutes to play. Recording the racing info into Excel is of course, optional, and takes about 7-10 minutes more per race.

Every race run is different than those run before! Horses can break stride, finish in a dead heat, get disqualified, win on the front end or come on from last to win. Picking winners is as difficult as it is in the real sport it represents and the percentage of favorites winning is very close to the percentage that wins at the real tracks, but by percentage a little bit less, making the racing even more exciting to all player's chances of winning. 10 horses per race is the norm and the game can be played solo or with as many as 10 players.

If you love horse racing and enjoy board games that feature a fun balance of luck and strategy you'll freak at the "ACTION" provided by "Harness Racing, Track Game". Own the game and you become the racing commissioner. Use my web-site, contact-me page to ask questions or learn more if you are interested. Check back here for more details as even more TRACK GAME news develops.

There is an option to buy a second racetrack, Trotter Lane Park, with a home stretch longer in length (28 board spaces) than the original racetrack, Harness Raceway (22 board spaces).  Both tracks are a distance of 82 squares along the rail around once for a distance of 1 mile,  and the Trotter Lane Park game board will include a program, score book with 56 carded races and arrives in a similar, decorative box. 


Every game box will include an order form for acquiring Trotter Lane Park, additional Racing Programs, each with 56 races ready to run,  or a 200 race, blank chart spiral book.