Digital file  enhanced  to a composite with additionally scanned images, text, and opacity change to the background image

Digital file then enhanced with pastel paint filter

​Negative from 1994 scanned

Un-cropped digital file then enhanced by adding other scans converted to black and white, and text.

If you are interested in viewing some of my favorite horse racing images, there is a link at the page bottom right side, to a slide show which can be seen on a separate page. I'd also love to hear any feedback on your visit to my web-site.                       Thank You !                             Al Brodsky

Accepting:   Personal Checks, Cash, E-mail, Voice mail, Web-site (contact me page)

​Sorry, not accepting:   Credit Cards, Phone-Text

​All images copyright:     Al Brodsky Photography

Digital file then enhanced with portrait filter, pastel filter, radial filter and text

​Negative from 1994 scanned

​Negative from 1994 scanned

I am semi-retired from photographing events...
so as a result this means I am willing to photograph events of 4 hours or less on weekends only
as long as you are OK knowing you're getting a
skilled professional with 40+ years of experience,
​age 60+, and in current  good health.

​$150 per hour.       Call or e-mail me for more details.

I will always continue to do business for:

Computer follow-up work...

Have your negatives  (from events prior to February of 2004)  scanned to  digital  DVD. You'll receive 2 DVDs, each with a printed DVD cover image, one in a deluxe DVD case and a second DVD copy in a jewel case.

Negatives are $6 each to scan.

Also,  free of charge with your negative scanning,
I will perform minor retouching, and create additional images for you using;  text, B&W and color mixed, multiple image  composites, filter enhanced images, and more, making your newly scanned negatives  a new, eye-opening experience enhancing what was previously just the printed memories as you've viewed them for the past years.

I can also use your digital images to create an album for you starting at as little as $149.95.

​​​Al Brodsky Photography

​Negative from 1994 scanned

Events prior to 2004, choose negatives to be scanned to digital files on DVD for $5 each and I will create additional artwork from those images at no extra charge.

If your wedding or event was photographed before February of 2004, I can have your negatives of choice scanned to digital for $6 each, and then I will use them to additionally create a number of creative images using text, combined black and white and color, composites, colorful paint-style filters, portrait filters, brush stroke borders and more artistic ideas to enhance the presentation of your choice selection of images from your special day.

Minimum purchase of $100.

DVD includes second copy,

a printed disk cover with title, ownership papers, and I am open to your requests too.

If you haven't bought your digital disk on weddings or events photographed after February of 2004 they are also available for purchase.

Digital file then enhanced with portrait filter, vignetting and text

​Negative from 1994 scanned